Since we opened the door in April 2012, our biggest accomplishment remains to be the

FRIENDS we make on a daily basis.  Your enthusiasm and support is what ''Fuels our Fire in the Pit!"  

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Lifein thePit 

The Writing on the Wall....

​Not sure how it began?

But it's definitely become a THING!

BARREL HOUSE BBQ - Lynchburg, TN​ 

"Maydeur" (pooch on the right- from the Blake Shelton video) waited outside while his two-legged family enjoyed some BBQ inside

No Matter how you get here..

You're family at Barrel House BBQ

From Ball teams to Princesses

to our favorite Ms. Audrey Tipps...

we love our Local Folks

When the walls were getting full...

They started writing on the ceiling!

Oops! A little too much water! 

LIke Marcus DuPree - former NFL player

"Crossed Arm Gang" 

Come on in!

Have your picture made at

Barrel House BBQ!

​Be sure to share it with us!

Always fun when famous

folks stop by to eat!

Of all the pictures ~

this one from my

granddaughter is priceless! 

Check out Eleanor's Blog from her current 'BBQ, Bluegrass and Bourbon Trip'   Find out how she Fell in Love with Lynchburg and Barrel House BBQ!    She says ~        "I will even go so far as to say it was my favorite of all the

BBQ places I visited."

and Billy Dawson, singer songwriter